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National Network for Oral Health Access (NNOHA)


National Network for Oral Health Access (NNOHA)

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National Network for Oral Health Access (NNOHA) is a nationwide membership association that exists to promote access to oral health care for underserved populations by encouraging community health centers (CHC) to start and maintain dental programs and to provide training, technical assistance and networking for the professionals who work in the safety net. Members include dentists, dental hygienists, other oral health professionals, community health center employees, primary care associations, medical professionals, and others interested in the NNOHA mission.

Key Topics

Building and expanding oral health programs in CHCs

Developing oral health quality measures and training CHC staff to collect and interpret quality improvement measures

Encouraging interprofessional collaboration in primary medical and primary oral health care

Provide oral health content development for training and technical assistance for those working with vulnerable populations and trauma informed care


Key NTTAP-Funded Services

  • Annual conference, which includes training sessions
  • HRSA hosted listening sessions to understand challenges and successes in implementing oral health service expansion grants
  • National learning collaboratives focused on quality dashboard measures, HRSA UDS Sealant Measure, medical and dental integration
  • National webinars
  • Presentations at other regional and national conferences
  • User groups with CHC customers of various electronic dental records to maximize understanding of collection of quality data

Key NTTAP-Funded Resources

  • Access our materials in the Clearinghouse
  • Fact sheets on HRSA UDS measures for oral health
  • Fact sheets on preparing for value based payments for CHC oral health programs
  • Promising practices from CHCs around the country based on their successful programs in integrated care and increased access
  • Bi-weekly newsletter: NNOHA News

NNOHA Contact


TTA Point of Contact: Phillip Thompson, NNOHA Executive Director / Candace Owen, NNOHA Education Director /

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