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Health Partners on IPV + Exploitation


Health Partners on IPV + Exploitation

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Health Partners on Intimate Partner Violence + Exploitation works with health centers and systems to support those at risk of experiencing or surviving intimate partner violence (IPV) or human trafficking (HT) and to bolster prevention efforts. The network offers health centers training on trauma-informed services, building partnerships, policy development, and the integration of processes designed to promote prevention and referrals to supportive services for individuals at risk for, experiencing, or surviving IPV and HT.

Key Topics

Increasing staff capacity and healing- centered engagement

Assessment and universal education approaches and tools

Building health center and community-based partnerships

Health policy and systems change (including on new UDS measures on IPV/HT)

Prevention approaches and ways to promote health equity and increase health and safety outcomes for those surviving IPV and HT and exploitation

Key NTTAP-Funded Services

  • Learning Collaborative opportunities for health centers and partnering DV programs
  • echnical assistance, webinars, publications, clinical and health educational tools, training and education

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