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FY2020 Primary Care HIV Prevention Reporting
Crosswalk of FY2020 PCHP reporting to CY2020 UDS Requirements, July 2020

Resource Topic: Health Information Technology (HIT)/Data, Quality Improvement

Resource Subtopic: HIV/AIDS, Research and Data, Electronic Health Records (EHRs).

Keywords: Data Collection, Management, and Analytics, LGBTQIA+, Quality Measures, Uniform Data System (UDS).

Year Developed: 2020

Resource Type: Toolkit.

Primary Audience: Administrative Staff Clinicians PCAs
Secondary Audience: Administrative Staff Clinicians PCAs

Language(s): English

Developed by: HITEQ (See other resources developed by this organization).

Resource Summary: To support Primary Care HIV Prevention funded health centers, HITEQ has prepared a crosswalk that maps PCHP tri-annual reporting metrics to UDS measures and/ or fields. This assists health centers in leveraging UDS reporting functionality in their EHRs to inform completion of the tri-annual progress report to HRSA. The PCHP metrics listed in the first column crosswalk to specific data definitions in the CY2020 UDS, which are specified in the second column, and then further detail is provided in the third column.

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