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Suicide and Homelessness
Data Trends in Suicide and Mental Health Among Homeless Populations

Resource Topic: Special and Vulnerable Populations

Resource Subtopic: Behavioral Health.

Keywords: Mental Health, Persons Experiencing Homelessness.

Year Developed: 2018

Resource Type: Publication.

Primary Audience: Clinicians
Secondary Audience: Administrative Staff

Language: English

Developed by: National Health Care for the Homeless Council (See other resources developed by this organization).

Resource Summary: This fact sheet details common risk factors for suicidal behaviors, mental health and clinical utilization trends of HCH grantees reported in the 2016 Uniform Data System dataset, and circumstantial data reported in the National Violent Death Reporting System.

Resource Details: Given the conditions that we know increase the likelihood of suicide in the general population, compounding factors faced when experiencing homelessness place those without homes at much higher risk. As part of a series related to emerging issues in the HCH field, the HCH Clinicians’ Network identified and prioritized the need for a renewed framework and public awareness of suicidality and disparities among homeless populations.

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