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Primary Care Association (PCA) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Core Competencies

Resource Subtopic: —Workforce, Leadership, Sustainability, Recruitment and Retention, Development and Training, Human Resources.

Keywords: Education of Staff (e.g., Competency-Based).

Year Developed: 2021

Resource Type: Toolkit.

Primary Audience: PCAs
Secondary Audience: C-Suite (CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, CMOs, etc.)

Language(s): English

Developed by: National Association of Community Health Centers (See other resources developed by this organization).

Resource Summary: This document outlines 12 domains, related tasks, and behavioral examples for Core Competencies for the Primary Care Association CEO. These domains and related tasks and examples were identified and vetted through a National Advisory Panel made up of key staff who would have interaction with the PCA-CEO position in various settings.

Resource Details: Core Competencies for Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of Primary Care Association (PCAs) build on formalized health center CEO competencies – with which they share many commonalities – that were first addressed by NACHC in 2017. As with health center CEOs, the intent was to create a taxonomy of competencies as a foundation for defining multiple aspects of effective PCA CEO leadership. The result is a tool that is organic – that is, it is subject to continuous quality improvement and regular updating as PCA CEO practice evolves and as feedback on the tool itself is analyzed.

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