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Serving Rural Patients with Telehealth: Resources and Tips for Federally Qualified Health Centers
A HITEQ telehealth publication

Resource Topic: Health Information Technology (HIT)/Data, Operations, Promising/Best Practices

Resource Subtopic: COVID-19, Telehealth, Patient Engagement, Development and Training.

Keywords: Access to Care, Care Coordination, Rural Health Services.

Year Developed: 2020

Resource Type: Publication.

Primary Audience: Administrative Staff C-Suite (CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, COOs, CMOs, etc) Clinicians PCAs

Language: English

Developed by: HITEQ (See other resources developed by this organization).

Resource Summary: With the challenges of provider shortages and lack of accessible facilities, telehealth presents an opportunity for health centers serving rural areas to expand health services, integrate primary care with subspecialty services, and improve care management.6 Telehealth provision in rural communities is particularly important and in-demand during the COVID-19 pandemic as many health centers have had to quickly transition to providing remote services. While telehealth has the potential to improve healthcare provision and access, many rural areas lack the reliable broadband connection and devices necessary for high-quality telehealth provision.

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