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Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow: Key Milestones for Community Health Centers

Resource Subtopic: Health Equity, Community, Health, and Housing Partnerships, Leadership, Policy and Advocacy, —Social Determinants of Health (SDOH), —Special and Vulnerable Populations, —Workforce.

Keywords: Access to Care, Communication, Transparency, and Outreach, Education of Staff (e.g., Competency-Based), Governing Boards, Quadruple Aim (Formerly Triple Aim).

Year Developed: 2022

Resource Type: Publication.

Primary Audience: Administrative Staff; Board of Directors; C-Suite (CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, CMOS, COOs, etc.); Enabling Staff; Outreach Staff; PCAs

Language(s): English

Developed by: National Association of Community Health Centers (See other resources developed by this organization).

Resource Summary: This publication provides the unique context, history, scope and impact of the health center program. Many new staff at health centers are unfamiliar with the health center program. Data shows that connection to mission and impact can increase commitment and retention of the workforce. This publication aims to connect the learner to the national scope and impact of health center program as they embark on their work in an individual health center.

Resource Details: This is meant as a resource for all new and seasoned health center staff.

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